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Go-To-Market Strategy

The Peer-to-Peer Marketing of Peer-to-Peer Technology
is the Perfect Marriage

“Revenue Sharing with End-users
and Independent Entrepreneurs”

Nexxus Partners leverages viral marketing and direct sales to raise awareness through word-of-mouth advertising. Consumers are financially incentivized with free reward points for virally referring their friends and family. Merchants and organizations are financially incentivized with cash bonuses for virally referring their customers and membership for an unlimited number of levels

Independent entrepreneurs can join the Nexxus direct sales team and be trained and certified to earn sales commissions and bonuses for marketing Nexxus Rewards. Successful direct sales representatives may optionally be promoted to management responsibilities if they desire (like a broker). Nexxus sales reps have free access to a sales back-office with business management tools, personalized marketing tools, marketing and support resources in English and Spanish, inventory management, sale team management and a support ticket system

Viral Marketing

The most effective form of advertising is word-of-mouth. Nexxus Rewards includes a viral marketing program designed to provide financial incentives to its merchants and shoppers for referring new shoppers to Nexxus. Shoppers can earn free shopping reward points for every transaction at any Nexxus merchant by anyone they personally refer. Shoppers can share Nexxus with their friends and family and earn free shopping rewards

Merchants can create an additional revenue stream on every transaction at any Nexxus merchant by shoppers they refer and by anyone those shoppers refer... to infinity. Both shoppers and merchants earn 10% of the marketing fees generated from the transactions. Shoppers earn reward points and merchants earn cash. Merchants could potentially offset all of their Nexxus marketing fees with the additional viral marketing revenue stream

Certified Direct Sales Force

Nexxus partners with independent entrepreneurs worldwide to create a trained and certified direct sales force to build the merchant and shopper network. Qualified direct sales representatives set up, train and support merchants and organizations in the local community. Direct sales reps work with merchants and organizations to build large infinity shopper networks. Direct sales reps earn 20% of the marketing fees generated from all purchases at any Nexxus merchant by any shopper in their entire infinity shopper network

Direct sales representatives typically have worked in related fields like credit card payment processing services, advertising sales, business insurance sales and disability insurance sales like AFLAC. These are all proven successful commission-based independent sales forces

Development of the direct sales force will be initiated in major cities in the United States including; Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami and New York City. International expansion will be developed based on market penetration

Nexxus promotes sales management from within to manage the worldwide direct sales force. A worldwide management structure of supervisors, managers, directors and V.P.s share in 20% of the generated marketing fees. The Nexxus Sales Management system provides direct sales reps with secured access to sales and marketing tools, sales commissions and bonuses, a customer management system, support knowledgebase and a sales support ticket system

Community Outreach

Nexxus Rewards benefits the entire community by working with local non-profit organizations and affinity groups to provide them with a perpetual fundraising program for their much-needed operating funds. Organizations receive the same opportunity as the merchants to build a large infinity shopper network and earn 10% of the marketing fees generated by every transaction at any merchant by any shoppers they refer and anyone those shoppers refer... to infinity

Community organizations no longer need to send their kids out to sell candy bars and greeting cards. They can now raise funds automatically every day, week and month from their shoppers that keep shopping. And what’s the likelihood that shoppers will stop shopping?

Critical Mass Strategy

Nexxus Rewards will be successfully launched in communities around the world by the qualified direct sales force with a detailed 3-phase rollout strategy to build critical mass within sales territories defined worldwide by postal code

Phase 1 requires the establishment of a sufficient qualified direct sales force based on the population of the sales territory. 1 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) is required per 25,000 inhabitants. 1 FTE is considered 40 hours per week. 2 qualified direct sales reps working 20 hours a week each would also equal 1 FTE

Phase 2 requires the registration of a significant number of shoppers equal to 1% of the population of the sales territory. For example, if a postal code has a population of 50,000, Nexxus requires 500 registered shoppers to complete phase 2 for that sales territory. Local organizations should provide the momentum to easily meet the 1% requirement. Nexxus Barter can provide a valuable service for the shoppers before the merchants are available

Phase 3 is the start of setting up pre-sold merchants. Merchants will have been made aware of the coming Nexxus marketing solution throughout phases 1 and 2. The risk-free solution and allure of 500 shoppers in their community looking for merchants just like them should make it easy to attract a large number of local merchants in the sales territory

Nexxus has a comprehensive Go-To-Market Strategy to ensure its success in the local community through the use of viral marketing, a qualified direct sales force, community outreach and a 3-phase rollout strategy for achieving critical mass

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