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The Bitcoin Solution   
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1 Introduction to The Bitcoin Solution   5 min.
This course continues the discussion of the evolution of money and currency. Though the authors are different, they both identify the problems that exist with fiat currencies are identical. What this does is serve to confirm and give credibility that the problems with fiat currencies are real. What makes this course different is this. The authors of Course 1 present gold and silver as the solution to the problems of inflation and fiat currency. Course II however address the rise of Bitcoin and other real cryptocurrencies as another potential solution to the problems. And, while both gold and silver can and do preserve wealth especially over extended periods of time, gold and silver are generally not as liquid as are Bitcoin and other similar currencies. These principles and concepts should become evident as one proceeds through the course, and should also provide the student a clear perspective of the fact that cryptocurrencies are definitely a part of our economic future.

2 Money Before Bitcoin   17% 20 min.
This lesson confirms the fact that there are definite problems with fiat currencies. As one proceeds through this and other lessons in this course, the problems that exist are re-identified as real and serious. There is however, a different solution presented as one proceeds through the course.

3 Rise of Banks & Decline of the Dollar 20% 15 min.
This lesson covers the emergence of banks and the rise of the banking system. The government's desire and its attempt to control the money supply and the bank's insatiable desire for profit combine to form an alliance that will ultimately result in the exploitation of currency to literally steal from the poor and give to the rich by eroding the purchasing power of government issued currency through both taxation and inflation.

4 The Real Problem 20% 20 min.
The first step in trying to make things better is admitting that there is a problem. The second step is to identify the problem that is keeping things from becoming better. Once a problem is identified and the causes for the problem's existence are comprehended, only then can we look for a solution to the problem. In this lesson the student will comprehend the problem and its source so that solutions can be brought forth.

5 Who's in Control 20% 20 min.
The bankers control the money; the money controls the politicians; the politicians make the laws that protect the bankers; because the bankers control the money that the politicians need. Whose wealth is sacrificed to support the system? If you are not a politician or a banker...then what? If something doesn't happen to put things back in balance, where are we headed? This lesson will help you comprehend.

6 The Game is Changing 20% 25 min.
There is HOPE! It always seems to be that the universe has a way of correcting things over time. With increased knowledge and the evolution of technology, combined with our God given sense of what is just and right and with a same God given love for freedom, there seems to be a solution or at least an alternative that has arisen to challenge the rule of political and economic tyranny that has gripped the world for so long. This lesson is important.

7 A Glimpse into the Future 20% 20 min.
What can we look forward to with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? What problems will cryptocurrencies address and what obstacles, if any, will need to be overcome? What opportunities can we look for on which to capitalize? This lesson should help to answer some of these questions.

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