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Understanding Cryptocurrency   
Lessons Grade Final
1 Introduction to Cryptocurrency   5 min.
This lesson will introduce the student to the essential concepts of what Cryptocurrency is and how it works.

2 What Is Cryptocurrency?   10% 60 min.
Learn what is and what is not Cryptocurrency.

3 What is the Value of Cryptocurrency? 20% 25 min.
Learn how Cryptocurrency creates value.

4 Is Cryptocurrency Legal? 9% 25 min.

5 What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet? 9% 45 min.

6 How to Buy Cryptocurrency 9% 60 min.

7 How to Sell Cryptocurrency 9% 60 min.

8 How Do Cryptocurrency Transactions Work? 9% 45 min.

9 How to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments 9% 60 min.

10 What Is Mining and Minting? 9% 60 min.

11 How to Secure Your Cryptocurrency 9% 60 min.
paper wallets, E-wallets, Virtual wallets

12 Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto? 9% 25 min.

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